Online Business Directory With A Difference

ZaCart Online Business Directory an online directory and classifieds website with social network features and inbuilt SEO System will optimize the business submissions and will post information to directories and search engines. Again a service which is valuable to both the business(es) and to the members as their names become more prominent online.

Pretoria, South Africa — The Business Directory and classifieds website was launched on 06th October 2015 and will provide information about small, medium and big business(es)to all visitors. The site designed and developed by ZaCart Online Media, a digital marketing company based in Pretoria, has a large public offering, many pages for non-members and members only with dashboards, one for each type of member. Members will be encouraged to use the site to keep up to date with trending posted listings , to make professional contacts, to showcase their products and services to the visitors and to improve their interactions with potential visitor customers.

ZaCart Online Business Directory is a newly and uniquely formed business directory and classifieds’ platform site representing the interests of people working in and with promoting their businesses or their profiles online. The aims of the platform are to develop a social network integrated ino the business community which thereafter makes the all experience very interesting and attractive, educate business owners about the benefits of using our site to promote the interests of members and their businesses.

The development team at ZaCart brought together skills from the core disciplines of Business -Social Networking with integrated User-Visitor Online Chat, 24/7 Online Live Support System, Digital Marketing, Listings & PPC Banner Advertising SEO Company. With the work following on from a commission to undertake market research and develop a brand identity.

Membership is unlimited – anyone any business is welcome to use the site. ZaCart will develop a community business(es) and social lites, will encourage the sharing of information, will work hard to develop a profile for individual members and will help members to achieve their commercial goals.

The dashboards enable different member types to have a different experience when interacting with the site, one which is tailored to their needs. For example members and suppliers can post job vacancies, services, products, business profiles, test and buy premium services, promote their products/services/business(es) or One’s Self. Members will also be very privileged to make and take use of the sites powerful SEO Feature where YouTube video URL, Meta Tittles, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords and Meta Tags will be Filled in to better their Search results ranking in search Engines.

ZaCart team is being retained to publicize the information members submit to the site in the form of Ad Listings, Ad Banners, blogs, news items and Business Profiles. This in turn will help to promote the platform and will enable members to convert visitors into leads and sales. ZaCart will optimize the submissions and will post information to search engines and directories. Again a service which is valuable to both the platform and to the members as their names become more prominent online.