NWU connects rural students with a brighter future

    For rural young people, no internet connection means no future. Unless the North-West University (NWU) brings the infrastructure to them.

    Most South African universities and the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) rely on online application platforms. Unfortunately, this excludes young qualifying learners in poor rural communities.

    These prospective students have limited or no access to the internet and online information considered vital to the promotion of learning, training and business development in communities.

    In a game-changing move, the NWU is bringing mobile infrastructure to them.
    The NWU’s Student Recruitment and Marketing Department recently bought a mobile center equipped with computers and the necessary internet connections. This will make it possible for rural learners to apply for NSFAS funding and admission to university.
    The NWU Mobile Application Centre has various laptops, scanners, a 48-hour power storage system, as well as internet rooters for unlimited Wi-Fi access that can connect up to 35 devices at a time.
    “We know that a big percentage of the country’s prospective students come from underprivileged backgrounds and rural areas and cannot afford or access the internet. That is why we have decided to step in,” says marketing officer Corrie Landsberg.
    ”This mobile center has all the necessary facilities that they need to access information and apply online.”

    Corrie says with NSFAS only accepting online applications for financial aid, the mobile center will come in handy.

    “The mobile center will visit rural communities in the North West and other neighboring provinces throughout the year,” he adds.

    By offering easier access to funding and education, this initiative will connect tomorrow’s leaders with the futures they deserve to have, and contribute to a more prosperous South Africa.