Nutritech jumps on board to supply hydration stations at The Grind Obstacle Course Race 01

Cape Town, South Africa – Nutritech has signed on as the hydration partner of The Grind – Obstacle Course Race 01 at Hillcrest Quarry. Endurade helps athletes of all levels reach their goals, and will be available in five locations across the course as well as at the finish line to help celebrate the accomplishment of completing the muddy, challenging and fun obstacle course.

“NUTRITECH got involved with The Grind because we are a brand that shows passion and interest in diversity in sports and having a good time doing it. The Grind is a competition that is full of fun, challenging and is for a diverse type of athlete, we are all for what they stand for,” said Chris Walton, Brand Manager at Nutritech.  “We specialise in nutrition technology, nutrition and sports go hand-in-hand. With the physical demands of what The Grind will require of their athletes, we felt that supplementing and rehydrating them is essential.”

Nutritech will power more than 1500 competitors by providing the high quality electrolytes and hydration necessary to fuel their muscles throughout the 5K and 8K courses, which include obstacles such as climbing 20-foot containers, crawling under barbed wire and crossing mud pits.

“We have seen a lot of excitement about Nutritech at various fitness events over the last year,” said Mat Barlett, The Grind Founder. “They’ve been a great supporter of the fitness scene in Cape Town and we’re looking forward to creating value for their brand as we move forward”

Endurade is available in specific formulations for muscle recovery and muscle building including ENDURADE 2HRS+, ENDURADE SPRINT and RECOVERY MILK You can find these products in shops nationwide

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