No Easter delays from Cape Town to Namibia – SANRAL

Pretoria – Travelling on the N7 freeway linking the Western Cape and Namibia should be trouble-free during the Easter holidays and road users will likely not experience major delays caused by roadworks.

The Easter holiday – from Friday 14 to Monday 17 April – is traditionally a period when there is a rapid spike in traffic on most major national and provincial highways. These will be the only peak travel times barring any unforeseen major traffic incidents or weather conditions.

Road maintenance activities will, however, take place on the 198km stretch between the Melkbos turn-off and Clanwilliam as well as the Northern Cape border to Vioolsdrift. Speed limits will be in place at various sections. Motorists can encounter day and night stop-go controls, so caution is advised due to slow-moving heavy vehicles as well as pedestrian activities within the area. Speed will be reduced to 60km/h.

There may be construction on the N7 from the Atlantis turn-off all the way to Clanwilliam. Stop-go controls may be in place during certain times of the day and speed will be reduced to 80km/h.

Vusi Mona, communications manager of the South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL), calls on road users to obey speed limits and slow down at demarcated areas where temporary construction might take place.

“The national and provincial road network is a safe environment and if drivers stick to the rules of the road and display tolerance and courtesy towards fellow road users, we should be able to cut down on the unacceptably high rate of fatal crashes,” says Mona.

“Driving requires focus. If you are tired, take a break; do not text and drive. Know your WHOA!”

The agency is taking great care to prevent pedestrians or stray animals from entering the freeway network but road users are cautioned to adjust their speed especially during night times.