New look and feel for Zinto

Established experiential brand activation agency, The Zinto Marketing Group (Zinto), has been in operation for more than 15 years. The brand is embracing change and embarking on a rebrand by refreshing its identity on its company website and logo design.

In previous years, Zinto promoted the business components separately rather than communicating the elements in their entirety. The idea behind the rebrand is to present a consistent look and feel and application of the brand that is identifiable to the target audience and that communicates an integrated message.

All communications will be adapted to develop a visual language that captures and expresses the brand essence – ‘All Things Brand’.

Zinto is a full service below-the-line agency that specialises in brand activation and experiential marketing at the bottom of the pyramid in South Africa and in Africa. The company develops campaign ideas and concepts including; gig rigs, talent management, youth development, consumer engagement and community events and entertainment, stage lighting and sound, brand encounters, brand concerts, brand character creation and management and workplace (industrial) theatre.

The marketing manager of Zinto Miguel Correia comments, “Our simplified website has been rebuilt in order to incorporate the latest technological trends and mobile innovations in the digital space. Our intention is to launch an exciting interactive platform that creates conversations with our clients by offering a captivating brand experience in a specialised format.”

The marketing industry is connected at all times and expectations have increased along with the new capabilities of technology. Brands need to rise to the challenge and deliver on those expectations. Rather than telling people about the features of a product or service, individuals can connect with the brand and make informed decisions via the website.

Correia continues, “To reach target audiences and enhance the brand experience, Zinto has identified new ways to engage customers and improve the customer experience by adjusting to the digital mobile revolution. Digital marketing is a pervasive channel by which to ‘speak’ direct to market and we have integrated the website with the overall brand strategy to offer a visually appealing encounter with the Zinto brand.”

He says each feature of the website’s user involvement ‒ the look and feel, functionality, and the interface ‒ also reflects the brand. The platform will generate awareness, engage consumers, build brand goodwill, elicit a direct response, and enable potential buyers to absorb content and information online.

For more information, visit the re-imagined website: or contact 011 553 1000