New lanes opened at Zambesi Toll Plaza

Bakwena Platinum N1N4, is pleased to announce the opening of the two additional lanes at the on-ramp at the Zambesi Toll Plaza, on the N1 freeway. This will be followed by the opening of the two additional lanes at the on-ramps.

The upgrade includes two new lanes per direction, which will further enhance the renovation carried out in 2015 to build the double diverging diamond interchange, says Liam Clarke, commercial manager of Bakwena.

“Over the last few months, Bakwena has been working tirelessly to upgrade the Zambesi Toll Plaza. The two additional lanes will be a welcome relief to motorists who have been asking for an additional tag lane at the plaza. Not only are these lanes beneficial to current e-tag users on the route but will also encourage more motorists to sign up for an e-tag. The e-tag system benefits motorists by enabling them to use the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) lanes to transit much faster and more conveniently than they would through the manual lanes. Bakwena encourages road users to get an e-tag in order to enjoy the benefits of ETC,” says Clarke.

The Zambesi Toll Plaza is the first of the plazas to benefit from the R160-million planned upgrades along the N1N4 route at the Zambesi, Pumulani, Stormvoël, Doornpoort, Brits and Marikana plazas. The construction works are scheduled to run until December 2017. When completed, the upgrade will increase peak time capacity by up to 20% and is expected to reduce substantially.

With Zambesi complete, Bakwena now moves on to planned upgrades to Pumulani, Stormvoël, Doornpoort, Brits and Marikana, with two extra lanes being added at the Pumulani and Doornpoort plazas, and one additional lane in each direction at the Brits and Marikana plazas, and one lane at the Stormvoël plaza on- and off-ramp.

Wallmannsthal on ramp will also see the addition of an additional Class 1 ETC lane to alleviate the congestion during the morning peak.

“We are confident that the upgrades will be completed according to our projected timetable as we do not anticipate undue disruption. However, we ask that road users practice caution when approaching relevant toll plazas during the construction period,” concludes Clarke.