Net A Parcel launches operations in South Africa

Johannesburg – Net A Parcel, a nationwide freight forwarding and courier service, announced the debut of their service across South Africa. Offering customers the opportunity to sign up on-line to give them access to their own personal mailbox in the United States, Net A Parcel will ship all packages to the customer’s home or office. “We are proud to launch operations and give South Africans the opportunity to have their own mailbox in the United States and to experience the Net A Parcel service,” said CEO and Co-Founder Johanna Gonzalez. “This opens up the world of shopping and beyond for South Africans in a new and exciting way.” Net A Parcel customers can also have friends and family abroad send them parcels, letters, magazines and other correspondence to their mailing address for shipment to South Africa.

The personal mailbox in the United States gets assigned when a customer subscribes to the Net A Parcel service from the website. Customers are free to receive and ship all their packages, mail, shopping and gifts into their mailbox, from which they are then couriered to them in South Africa safely. Goods are flown frequently from the United States to South Africa with all taxes and duties being paid by the customer in advance via their on-line account. Packages can be delivered anywhere in South Africa, and the service is not limited to major towns and cities. Founded by husband and wife team Johanna and Rodrigo Gonzalez, Net A Parcel is headquartered in Johannesburg, with operations in Miami, United States.

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