Naturally vibrant skin with aloe ferox and honey


Skincare experts suggest using a face mask twice a week as part of a complete beauty regimen. The reason for this is simple: your daily cleanser, toner and moisturiser are just not enough to ensure that your skin looks its best all year round.

A good facial mask draws out impurities deep within the skin, removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores, creating a clean, accessible base for your cleanser, toner and moisturiser to work from.

With so many different types of face masks on the market, it can be hard to choose the product that targets the problem areas unique to your skin. Fortunately, science has discovered a more universal solution in the form of two natural ingredients – honey and the Aloe ferox plant.

While honey is normally used to sweeten foods, its high concentration of glucose, normally a part of food energy, contains anti-bacterial qualities that prevent breakouts by unclogging the pores without removing the skin’s natural oils.

Both honey and the Aloe ferox plant are natural moisturisers as they are humectants – meaning they draw moisture from the air. These natural moisturisers ensure that blemishes, scars, sunburn and other causes of inflammation are soothed and that the skin maintains its glow.

The attraction to moisture is not the only thing these natural ingredients share. They both contain Vitamins C and E, which assist to reduce oxidative stress on the skin by neutralising free radicals that attack collagen strands and the structural cells within the skin.

Simply Aloe’s Honey and Aloe Face Mask contains both of these ingredients and is suitable for all skin types and ages. After cleansing, apply to your face and neck and enjoy 15 minutes of relaxation.

Simply Aloe’s Honey and Aloe Face Mask is available in 50 ml at RSP of R62.18 and is sold at leading pharmacies and health shops nationwide.

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