The National Zoo still a safe place to visit

Lions-National-Zoological-Gardens-Pretoria-South-AfricaThe National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, in Pretoria, has noted with deep concern the advisory that was issued by the US Embassy in Pretoria on Thursday last week regarding visitor safety at the Zoo.NRF_Logo

The advisory stated that the Embassy advices all its citizens to avoid visiting the Zoo due to a variety of crimes that have allegedly taken place until such time as the Zoo rectifies the matter.

The Marketing Manager of the Zoo, Craig Allenby, says it is unfortunate that the Zoo has been singled out regarding crime. “We are aware of two cases of crime-related incidents involving visitors outside the Zoo and all measures are in place to avoid any further possible incidents”.

The National Zoo takes the safety of its visitors very seriously and has been in constant contact with the various law enforcement agencies, such as the South African Police Services and the City of Tshwane’s Metropolitan Police, who have the mandate and authority to deal with crime. In response to this, both agencies, who also appreciate the gravity of the situation, have increased their activities and visible presence in the area. The entire Tshwane City CBD is also under constant CCTV camera surveillance, and this includes the area around the National Zoo.

The National Zoo has safe parking for its visitors and its visitors can relax in a safe environment within the zoo. The National Zoo has security staff who patrol the zoo to ensure the safety of both its animal collection and visitors. However, the National Zoo does caution visitors to be vigilant with their belongings as you would anywhere in the world.

Issued by: Craig Allenby

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