More than Just a Sun Screen – This DNA-Correcting Photo-Protection Product is in a Class of its Own!

Not many people know the truth about conventional sunscreen: it’s only 53% effective.  This fact was established in a study that measured sunscreen protection and found that even SPF 50 only stops about half of the potential sun damage that causes photo-ageing1. After decades of being told to wear sunscreen every day, this new information is disconcerting at best. What’s more, even antioxidants aren’t quite as effective as once assumed; blocking only a percentage of the damage caused by the sun.

To understand why you are not adequately covered with ordinary sunscreen, it’s important to appreciate the onslaughts your skin contends with every day.  Dangerous UV radiation from the sun that literally assaults the skin, causing sunburn, hyperpigmentation and overtime, general deterioration at a DNA level that results in ageing and even skin cancer.

The wavelengths of ultraviolet [UV] light – sunlight – that affect your skin include UV-A and UV-B, visible light and infrared light.  The problem with conventional sunscreen is it’s only capable of offering partial protection from these solar rays. While not suggesting that sunscreen should be scrapped, it’s still a requirement 365 days a year, it’s evident that we need to do more in the fight against ageing caused by over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

The good news is that Lamelle Research Laboratories has launched Helase 50 – a new photo repair skin cream that not only protects your skin from the full spectrum of the sun’s harmful UV rays – it also repairs the DNA of skin cells that have already been damaged through over-exposure.

The only photo protection product on the market, very simply Helase controls the inflammation typical from exposure and sunburn, protecting the skin from damage. A powerful DNA-repairing enzyme that’s missing in humans, but occurs naturally in most animals and plants is responsible for the correction process. It also contains antioxidants, sunscreen filters and a ‘sunscreen’ SPF of 50+.

Helase is not waterproof and should be applied 10 – 15 minutes before exposure and re-applied 3 – 4 hourly if possible. There is no need to use a “regular” sunscreen if you use Helase. It’s fragrance free and anyone over the age of six months is a candidate for Helase 50, but particularly those with fair skin, multiple sun-spots, or a history of skin cancer. It’s also the ideal product to use after you have had a peel (once re-epithelialised), and post-laser therapy and IPL.

A first to market cosmetic; Helase is a breakthrough in ageing treatment and is the most advanced photo-repair and anti-ageing cream in the Lamelle stable.  Quite simply – a revolution in skincare has begun with the introduction of Helase 50!

The Helase RSP is R485 for 50ml tube and it’s available from selected salons nationwide. For further information visit:                                                                                              


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