Monster Hydro and Toyota Warrior OCR Series Team Up

    Fritz Pienaar at a Nissan Trailseeker event. Photo: ZCMC

    GAUTENG, PRETORIA,  – Advendurance CEO, Fritz Pienaar, today signed a deal that will see Monster Hydro become the Official Energy Drink brand to the successful Toyota Warrior OCR Series, powered by Reebok. This deal has come just in time for the launch of the upcoming Bloemfontein Toyota Warrior Race 2 on the 17th February 2018. This will be the first time a Warrior OCR race is being held in the Free State, marking this as an occasion to be celebrated.

    Advendurance, who are also owner-organisers of the popular Trailseeker MTB and Trailseeker Trail running series, and the annual Snowbike Festival hosted in Gstaad, Switzerland, said today that Monster Hydro energy drink is an excellent brand fit because it appeals to those who love sport and are aware that what they put into their bodies is what they get out.

    Said Pienaar, “The Monster Hydro will appeal to those who love sports drinks, but also want the caffeine and other energy ingredients an energy drink provides. Monster Energy is a fantastic addition to our stable of sponsors that provide value-added products and services to our hard-working athletes. We are very excited to launch this collaboration.”

    The Monster Energy brand is big on the motorsports, action sports, music, and the gaming scene, supporting athletes and events around the world. The Toyota Warrior Series is the biggest OCR events in the country providing World Championship qualifier OCR courses.

    Said Jonathan Channing, Marketing Manager Africa, Monster Energy, “We are really excited around the launch of Monster Hydro as the drink allows us to speak to a different consumer base than traditional Monster Energy drinks. When looking for the ideal partner to work with, we didn’t have to look further than the Toyota Warrior OCR series, whose participants definitely need to “refresh the beast” after the tough and gruelling course. Whether you are a Rookie, Commando or Black-Ops athlete, Monster Hydro will help you perform your best!”

    Monster Hydro, available in 3 flavours, Tropical Thunder, Mean Green and Manic Melon, is a non-carbonated, lightly-sweetened beverage formulated with caffeine and B vitamins.