MAQ Washing Powder distributes thousands of desks to Learners

The Bliss Brands roadshow team is currently handing out Kommunity Desks to learners at various schools in Ulundi in KwaZulu-Natal. Every year, MAQ allocates budget for Kommunity  desks for school children who are in dire need of desks and this year, the much-loved brand is helping 1 950 learners at Bhekifa, Mkhazani and Zondela Primary schools.

Jacqueline Jacobs, Sales & Marketing Director of MAQ Washing Powder explains that MAQ’s enterprise development and CSI initiatives are very close to her heart and that helping children forms a big part of the campaigns. Assisting with literacy development and the improvement of academic performance by sponsoring and distributing Kommunity Desks is one of the ways that the brand has been helping communities throughout South Africa.

“The shortage of desks and how this hinders learning is a very real problem in South Africa. In this regard we have been distributing Kommunity Desks for a number of years, helping learners by providing them with the opportunity to have more structure in the classroom and improve their ability to write, concentrate, learn and improve their academic performance,” says Jacobs.

A desk is one of the basic requirements for a proper education, and yet numerous schools in South Africa have a severe shortage of desks. This affects a learner’s ability to learn, to write and receive primary education. It is also difficult for the teachers as there is a lack of order in the classroom due to learners being unable to write on a proper surface. Kommunity Desks is an initiative that is helping to address the shortage of desks.

“The MAQ Roadshow Team is ensuring that every learner receives a MAQ branded Kommunity desk, much to the delight of everyone in the Ulundi community. With their new Kommunity Desks, the learners will be able to concentrate better, which in turn will encourage learning. At MAQ we believe that children are the future of South Africa and that their path to success starts in the classroom,” continues Jacobs.

With the help of their patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Kommunity Desks alongside their generous sponsors, are helping learners achieve higher grades that will ultimately help them to create a successful life for themselves.

“Along with the team at Kommunity Desk, we have committed to giving every child at the selected schools a Kommunity Desk, so that they can make use of them in the classroom and at home for completing their homework tasks. We want to help tackle the shortage of desks and in this way help improve the lives and learning conditions of thousands of school learners and their teachers in South Africa,” concludes Jacobs.

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