Lungelo Khumalo will be presenting on millenial supply chain talent at #SAPICS2016

Millennials have swept the world of work, bringing their own attitudes and beliefs about the workplace. Their difference in approach could be very important in the survival of increasingly complex supply chains that demand efficient responses to challenges.

Organisations have up to four generations represented at any time, bringing with it potential conflicts. Given that millennials will account for 50% of organisations’ workforces, understanding this generation will be pivotal in unlocking competitive advantage and achieving harmony in the workplace. Competitive advantage no longer lies in having the better widget, it now lies in having the best people who can co-ordinate resources, solve problems and respond to today’s challenges in innovative ways.

Lungelo Khumalo, a proud supply chain millenial, will at the upcoming SAPICS conference for supply chain professionals provide a deeper understanding of what makes millennials tick. Khumalo will also share research and practical approaches from senior local and global business leaders on getting the best out of your new talent.

The 38th Annual SAPICS Conference and Exhibition – to be held 12-14 June 2016 at the brand new Sun Sky Village – will be the highlight of the organisation celebrating its 50th year of existence. More information is available at