Leaping for the love of frogs

uShaka Marine World is celebrating Leap Year with a hop and a twist in the uShaka Village Walk from the 27th – 29th February.

Although there are no promises of princes waiting in the wings for the kiss of true love, there are plenty of frogs waiting for you to love them.

uShaka Marine World is hosting the 3 day event from 10am – 4pm outside Dangerous Creatures, situated in the uShaka Village Walk. Their environmentalists are keen to share some interesting facts with you and advise on how you can protect frogs in your communities.

We need frogs to control insects, like mosquito’s, around our homes. Their well-being reflects the health of the environment.  If they are in trouble, so are we.

In order to love frogs we need to care for their homes. Frogs are reliant on uncontaminated water as they absorb nutrients and chemicals from their environment through their skin.

The incorrect use of insecticides and disposal of chemicals down urban drains and in your garden is harmful to frogs that absorb these chemicals through their porous skins.

South Africa boasts 160 different species of frog.  Half of all the frogs found in South Africa are endemic, meaning they are found nowhere else in the world. At least 23 South African frog species are threatened and need our urgent help.

The “Leaping for the Love of Frogs” initiative at uShaka is now in its 3rd year and since inception over 8000 visitors have committed to living their everyday lives mindful of the needs of frogs.

Those who visit the Dangerous Creatures exhibit and promise to give frogs a jump start this leap year will receive a 50% discount on their entrance ticket for 26, 27 & 28 February only. T’s & C’s apply.

For more information contact uShaka Marine World on 031-3288000.