Keeping truckers healthy and aware with free medical screenings

Engen Petroleum, a leading producer and marketer of fuels, lubricants and oil-based products, has recognised the Cape Winelands as a welcome refuelling and refreshment stopover on the routes of long haulage companies with the launch of a permanent wellness clinic.

Truck drivers passing through the Engen Winelands North 1-Stop at Joostebergvlakte along the N1 freeway just outside Cape Town can now undergo free health screenings and counselling while refuelling and resting. A Trucking Wellness Clinic has been set up at the Engen Truck Stop facility on site.

The health awareness initiative is aligned to Trucking Wellness, which is a National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI) programme. It is primarily dedicated to the wellness of people employed in the Road Freight and Logistics Industry.

Engen’s Group Corporate Social Investment Manager, Mntu Nduvane says the company is committed to health and safety in all of its operations. “Driver health and safety is a priority for us throughout the year, which is why the Trucking Wellness clinic at the Truck Stop located within the Engen Winelands North 1-Stop is one of eight clinics initiated by the NBCRFLI that Engen has invested in country-wide, all of which are aimed at improving the health and wellness of drivers.”

The Engen Winelands North 1-Stop clinic offers truck drivers the following services:

  • HIV/AIDS awareness information and behaviour change communication and materials;
  • Voluntary HIV Counselling and Testing;
  • CD4 count;
  • Enrolment onto the Wellness Fund HIV treatment programme;
  • Enrolment onto the Wellness Fund chronic medication programme;
  • Condom information, behaviour change communication and distribution;
  • Screening, diagnosing, treatment and care of STIs;
  • Broader health awareness information and behaviour change communication and materials;
  • Health screening tests;
  • Primary healthcare;
  • Inform and refer for Medical Male Circumcision;
  • TB screening, diagnosis, treatment and care; and
  • Referrals to appropriate healthcare facilities for further investigations, treatment and care.

Nduvane acknowledges that truck operators work long hours, frequently leading to imbalanced lifestyles and unhealthy choices. “Education helps to remind the drivers why their health is important and how life choices impact on their well-being. This ultimately increases their health, safety and productivity,” he adds.

Project manager for Trucking Wellness, Tertius Wessels says the clinic was moved from Epping Market to the Engen Winelands 1 Stop five months ago. “We can definitely see an increase in the number of patients. The new environment is beneficial for industry employees as well as for Engen staff and pump attendants, who also have access to the clinic.”

Wessels adds: “It is remarkable to see the increase in the amount of individuals using the services we provide in conjunction with Engen year-on-year. This is a clear indication that this intervention is making a difference to the wellbeing of road freight industry personnel.”

Tasneem Sulaiman-Bray, Engen General Manager: Corporate Affairs says that the company is pleased to be playing a role in informing, educating and raising awareness of the impact of chronic diseases on road safety and also of encouraging those that are healthy to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

“Good driver health has a massive impact on the lives of drivers and their families, in terms of reduced exposure to diseases and longevity of a breadwinner. But most importantly, clinics at Engen Truck Stops make a real difference in society as we continue the fight to reduce the impact of treatable conditions within the trucking industry.”

Wellness Clinics are available at the following Engen Truck Stop sites:

  • East London
  • Kokstad
  • Komatipoort
  • Musina
  • Harrismith
  • Beaufort West
  • Gone South (Port Elizabeth)
  • Winelands 1 Stop  North Bound