Jeep Warrior Race #2 emerald resort wants you!

JohannesburgThis weekend (12 -13 March 2016) South Africa’s largest obstacle course race, the 2016 Jeep Warrior Series, is heading to Emerald Resort & Casino in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, for Race #2 of the series.

Jeep Warrior Race organisers have gone all out this year to improve the experience for all. This includes a change in the race format that sees all Elite-level events taking place on Sunday, rather than spread out over the two days. This change is in line with international OCR standards, and allows all Elite athletes to compete on the same day, and have prize giving together as a “family”.

Obstacle-wise, Race#2 will see the return of the Jeep Warrior Series’ biggest obstacle to date, which will be revealed on race day, as well as new and exciting obstacles keeping everyone on their toes.

Jeep Warrior’s most infamous obstacle for Elite and non-Elite athletes alike, the Mud Monster, is again a feature near the start-line of the 2016 course. This mammoth obstacle sees Warriors first wade through a pool of muddy water (the only way to get through without losing your shoes is a slimy leopard crawl), then climb a hill of slippery clay (the first of many). On the other side is a deeper pool of mud, which Warriors slide or jump into followed by a steeper clay uphill. This is repeated a few times making this very tiring upfront in the race but allows spectators one of the best vantage points, adding to the pressure.

What makes a Jeep Warrior Race so appealing that over 7 000 grown men and women will pay for the privilege of getting tired, sore and seriously dirty, traipsing through mud, muck, and doing things they never thought possible?

Without a doubt, it’s the sense of adventure, comradery and fun that is the spirit of every Jeep Warrior Race. Its extraordinarily tough but there is no sport quite like obstacle course racing (OCR) where the whole family can take part, giving everyone, young and old, amateur and professional, the chance to overcome fears, get out of comfort zones, live in the moment and experience this level of play as an adult.

Judging by the Warrior comments, this type of challenge is exactly what keeps people coming back for more. Comments like “I’m hooked”, Awesome experience. Will definitely recommend that you do it at least once in your life”; and “First Warrior Race – loved every moment of it.”

The Jeep Warrior Race offers four courses that vary in intensity. For kids, there’s the 1km, 8 obstacle Jeep Warrior Bratz Race. Parents can accompany their children, but can’t compete in this event.

For beginners, there’s the Jeep Warrior Rookie Race (6 – 8km, 15 obstacles). Rookie is all about fun and comradery. It is the shortest distance with semi-challenging obstacles for newbies. The Jeep Warrior Commando Race is fairly challenging, with a 10km course and 20 fairly tough obstacles. This event is labelled as the ultimate team-building experience.

Jeep Warrior Black Ops is the toughest of the challenges, presenting an 18 to 20km course with 30 tough obstacles. This event meets World-OCR racing standards and attracts South Africa’s top OCR athletes. Black Ops Elite is also the only event in South Africa that doubles as a qualifier for the OCR World Championships.

So get your family and friends together and challenge them to #BeBrave by taking part in a Jeep Warrior Race. Enter today!

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