International Hotel School cracks Global Top 50 Ranking

It has just been announced that International Hotel School (IHS) is the sole African and South African hospitality and hotel management school to be featured on a global ranking by CEOWORLD Magazine.

CEOWORLD is a leading online business and technology magazine for CEOs and forward-thinking executives at companies around the world. The publication’s prestigious ranking articles, catalogue a variety of ‘Top’-lists in terms of tertiary institutions, including the ‘The 25 Best Universities In The World’, the ‘Top 25 Universities In The United States Spending The Most On Research And Development’, and specialised lists like ‘France’s Top 4 Business Schools For MBA Programmes in 2016’.

The ‘Top 50 Hospitality and Hotel Management Schools in The World 2015’ ranking is based on the collective results of a survey with a sample of 18 000 hospitality recruiters and senior managers of luxury hotels. IHS has been ranked 49th out of 300 hospitality and hotel management schools worldwide, which means that IHS is seen globally as one of the best schools to launch one’s career.

“Our mission has always been to provide world-class knowledge and skills and to nurture creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit to create hospitality excellence, says Mike Lambert, CEO of International Hotel School. “This accolade not only strengthens IHS’s status as Africa’s leading hotel school, but is testament to the fact that South Africa’s hospitality industry can compete on the world stage. Our country is facing many economic challenges, but it’s good to know that the local hospitality education sector is geared for success within an industry that makes a substantial contribution to economic growth,” he concludes.