Inspiring children in Mitchells Plain to read… to rise

Literacy NGO READ to RISE hopes to inspire Grade 2 and 3 learners in gang-ridden Mitchells Plain to read. The organisation believes that if children love to read, they will excel at school and go onto become constructive members of society. READ to RISE currently works with all 45 primary schools in the Mitchells Plain community and hopes to give a brand new story book to every Grade 2 and 3 learner this year – totalling almost 15,000 new books.

READ to RISE is a non-profit organisation that promotes youth literacy in under-resourced communities. Founded in September 2013 by Athol Williams (Executive Director and ex-Mitchells Plain resident) and Taryn Lock (Programme Director). To date, the organisation has visited over 450 classes in Mitchells Plain and Soweto and given out almost 33,000 new books.

“In 2015, READ to RISE managed to achieve their goal of giving a new book to every Grade 2 learner in Mitchells Plain.  That means that 7,480 Grade 2 learners received their own new storybook to take home. This year, we hope to double that, and give a new book to every Grade 3 learner as well.” says Lock.

During the first school term of 2016, READ to RISE visited 73 classes at 19 primary schools in Mitchells Plain to inspire children to read. A total of 3,100 new books were given out to learners in Grades 2 and 3. They don’t just drop off the books, they visit each class with volunteers and have an interactive 40 min session with the learners.

The organisation relies on sponsorships from corporates and individuals. To date, 22% of their goal has been raised. READ to RISE is appealing to the public for assistance. For only R45, a brand new story book will be given to a Grade 2/3 learner in Mitchells Plain.

‘Book ownership is important to encourage children to read. For many of the children at the schools that we visit this will be the first book that they will own” says Lock.

There are many ways to get involved – cover books, join us at a school visit to read to children, sponsor a book/s or get your employer to sponsor books.

If you would like to assist READ to RISE, please email or visit our website