Imparting A Legacy Of Reducing, Reusing And Recycling

Lanseria, Johannesburg – In 2016, South Africa saw its water resources depleting quite alarmingly as a result of unfavorable weather conditions. As a result, 8 provinces declared state of drought disaster. Business sectors in the country were really affected by this unfortunate situation, with the agriculture sector affected the most. As a country we cannot afford this kind of misfortunes altogether. To avoid wasting water so that we do not find ourselves stranded as a result, we should start by working hand in hand with households, schools and the corporate sector where paper is used on daily basis. Exploring recycling paper as one of the preventive measures of saving water. According The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa Recycling one tonne of paper can save up to 26,498 litres of water.

School children have since been brought in and educated on the benefits of recycling, a campaigned championed by Mrs. South Africa with Mpact Recycling. The Mrs. South Africa Top 25 finalists are currently on the ground -at the identified schools in their own communities spearheading the campaign. Trice Mazwi, a finalist of the Mrs. South Africa pageant who is also currently encouraging the country to treat their bodies better, and the environment better, was thrilled to engage with her local school yesterday assisted by Mpact Recycling. Mpact Recycling introduced a schools recycling programme aimed at encouraging school leaners and its communities to recycle more in a form of a competition. Her local school in Lanseria, Curro Monaghen welcomed her with open arms.

Trice Mazwi, a qualified Metaphysical Scientist loves the earth, the protection of the planet is important to her. Mpact Recycling has enabled her to spread that love even further with this campaign. In other words, this campaign and her are what one can call, a match made in environmental bliss.

Any new school in a growing town with two streets needs a playground, sports ground, swimming pool and vegetable garden. With funds often limited to construct these important facilities at schools, Mpact Recycling’s schools recycling programme exists to bridge this gap. In order to win, the community and its school needs to collect enough paper. Curro Monaghen and the Lanseria community collects enough paper, non-existent of those important facilities will be a thing of the past. The little ones at Curro Monaghen invites the Lanseria community to participate together with them.

“Parents and guardian’s responsibilities to these amazing littles ones goes beyond feeding and clothing them. We do need to instill a culture of responsible living. This was the highlight of my Mpact day. Imparting a legacy of recycling and reusing. “– Trice Mazwi.

Collecting used paper can help schools, families and communities to raise money for the things that are important.

“A day with little ones is always a blessing. They are so innocent and have trusted us with their world, to keep it alive for them and their grandchildren. When I explained the importance of keeping landfills free from overload their little eyes lit up. We also discussed the impact of paper litter on our beautiful planet, they suddenly understood why we have to recycle and reuse. We must pass the baton to them, so they learn how to preserve the planet.” – Trice Mazwi.

Thank you Mpact Recycling for keeping the green concept a live.