iLEAD et al: Specialisation meets consolidation

Digital has given rise to new forms of communication, new possibilities and of course, a new kind of specialist. One such specialist is online marketing company iLead Online, which on 11 March 2016 officially became part of the et al Group, adopting the et al appellation to become iLEAD et al.

To celebrate this momentous move, Dr Gustav Puth, the Managing Director of STRATEGY et al, as well as Google’s Country Director, Luke McKend, both shared their vision of the future.

Dr Puth highlighted the importance of a good strategy and taking action, because well begun is half done. The strategy behind the joint venture is to take iLEAD et al to the next level, combining the experience of our Google-certified and award-winning team of search engine experts, YouTube maestros and engaging content generators, with all that the rest of the et al Group has to offer…which is quite a lot.

Considering the good relationship that iLEAD et al has with Google, Luke McKend was more than happy to share what the future holds for online marketing. He emphasised the importance of using new possibilities to position your brand within your target audience, including the newly updated Search Voice app, which allows you to search for any product or service by using a simple voice command or question.

Managing Director of iLEAD et al, Johann Nortje, says this relationship will quickly become a force to be reckoned with. “Together we have a bigger share of voice, vastly improved economies of scale and the ability to cater for every need an advertiser might have. In fact, the term ‘through-the-line’ takes on a whole new meaning in the et al Group,” he adds.

The et al Group comprises various et al companies that constitute – what could best be described as – a consolidation of specialist marketing services into a single brand platform. In this group is the DIGITAL et al cluster of four companies which, as the name suggests, is the specialised digital arm of the group.

With a social media company, a coding and development house, and a team of mobile marketing experts, iLEAD et al, previously a supplier of the group and now an integral part of this cluster, personifies the term, specialisation, and further augments the et al Group’s digital offering to cover the entire digital spectrum.

The benefits of this relationship are immense. Existing et al clients now have access to a superlative team of online marketing experts, while iLEAD et al’s clients enjoy access to the other specialist et al companies. These companies include a formidable research and strategy business, a top 20 accredited media buyer, a fully-fledged production house, design studios, and others – as suggested by the meaning of the Latin term, et al.

But this sort of partnership between disparate specialists doesn’t just fall from the sky – it’s about chemistry and a shared mindset.

Johann says of the partnership: “iLEAD et al is a great fit for the et al Group – we share a similar culture, we all possess a drive to not only service clients, but to provide them with the best ROI. And, as an award-winning Google Partner, we can now provide an integrated service offering to a wider base of clients.”

Everyone knows that if you want to stay ahead of the competition, especially in the current South African economic climate, you need to be open to change. Either evolve or move over. Well that’s exactly what iLEAD et al has done!

Let iLEAD et al pull your business out of the abyss of websites and into the spotlight of Google’s coveted No. 1 spot, turning your website into a supernova of online marketing!

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