HiCarByeCar expands with Dealer-to-Dealer platform

Cape Town – After a successful launch in Gauteng only a few months ago, HiCarByeCar is ready to expand its platform to include Dealer-to-Dealer trading.

HiCarByeCar was launched in June as a platform allowing private car sellers to easily get multiple offers for their car from different dealerships. In the process, the seller can compare prices and secure the best offer.

“A key differentiator between us and some other players trying to innovate in the market is that our platform is completely transparent. We offer sellers information and contact details of every dealer making an offer on their vehicle. This allows sellers to make informed decisions rather than needing to trust in what a sales person or dealer is advising,” says Michael Zahariev, CEO of HiCarByeCar

Since its launch earlier this year over R169 000 000 worth of offers have been made through the platform with hundreds of cars being sold and currently having 23 weekly-active dealers. Popular vehicles manage to receive as many as 7 offers within 48 hours of listing.

“Our strength as a car sales platform lies in our ability to serve both the dealers and private sellers simultaneously by making sure both parties get the best deal. This has allowed us to add many new dealers who are now ready to jump right into our Dealer-to-Dealer platform,” adds Zahariev.

More on Dealer-to-Dealer

Until now HiCarByeCar has catered specifically for Private-to-Dealer sales, however there has been a resounding call from dealers to extend the system to allow them to move stock between one another.

The mechanics work much the same as the Private-to-Dealer sale except that when working directly with dealers HiCarByeCar ensures the sale going through to the highest offer.

One of the main benefits is that offers are only made by verified dealers, ensuring that dealers are only offering against other informed buyers. This also gives the car seller the confidence that the offer being made is likely to complete.

“We always suspected that Dealer-to-Dealer would be a possible extension to our platform but never knew dealers would take to our platform so quickly and positively. Their constant use and feedback on our platform is what has allowed us to expand so fast,” notes Zahariev

But there is a greater purpose for Dealer-to-Dealer which will translate into higher prices and more efficiency in the Private-to-Dealer market, which is the primary goal of HiCarByeCar.


What makes HiCarByeCar different

Although HiCarByeCar is a platform for car sales, its focus is primarily in technology. Unlike other players in the industry who are technology assisted dealers, HiCarByeCar invests in having the most innovative and user friendly solutions for buyers and sellers of vehicles.

“True innovation comes from outside players entering a market, not inside players trying to simply improve their systems. In doing so, we believe that HiCarByeCar can completely disrupt the car sales market in a similar way that Uber and other tech products have disrupted industries. It all starts with adding value through technology for both sides of the transaction,” concludes Zahariev.

About HiCarByeCar

HiCarByeCar is a revolutionary new online platform which caters for car sellers by allowing a network of dealers to make offers and delivering a summary of these within 48 hours. www.hicarbyecar.com

Michael Zahariev – michael@hicarbyecar.com
Phone: 087 470 0394