Graffiti launches design competition for Vega students

Digital printing experts, Graffiti Retail Solutions, has launched a new competition for the first year students at the Vega School of Brand Leadership; a design challenge that has the creatives engaged and thinking outside the box. The brief, delivered to students during a Graffiti presentation at Vega’s Randburg campus, has plenty of scope for artistic expression: “Design an inspired wall paper that is an interpretation of the African Pride – Conservation in Action theme.”
The winning design will be produced and printed by Graffiti and installed at the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s head office.

According to Graffiti National Retail Solutions Manager Richard Wood, the winning design will be incorporated into the Group’s wall paper catalogue. Going forward, should any other customer choose the wall paper design, a percentage of the sale will be donated to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

The Graffiti engineered competition offers young talent the opportunity of gaining a foothold in the organisation and the industry by offering an internship to the winner. Cash prizes will also be awarded to the top three designs.

“A real feel good campaign – through this process – competition hopefuls from Vega have the chance to develop their skills while at the same time donating their time and creative expertise to a non-profit organisation,” says Wood.

Students were encouraged to let their imaginations run wild, but they were cautioned to consider the principle of form meets function. The winning design must live at the top of a stair case in an office environment so the final submissions will be judged on their practicality as much as their articstic form.

“With our new state of the art printer, we are able to print on an extensive spectrum of materials ensuring interesting wall finishes. The students can therefore come up with wall paper designs that work with grasscloth, vinyl, embossed, fabric or paper and patterned, textured, or smooth wallpapers,” says Wood. “In addition to this the technology we have invested in allows us to print up to eight different colours and white as a spot colour – so if you can think of a tone – we can print it.”

A panel of judges will assess the entries and the winner will be announced at a function at Graffiti next month. A pilot competition – Graffiti hopes to make this an annual collaboration on its marketing calendar.

“Learning to design for real world scenarios at this stage in their studies gives the students invaluable exposure. As well as an opporutnity to showcase their potential, they can begin networking with industry players who could become their future employers,” says Wood.

From florals, to modern geometrics, bold stripes, or soothing landscapes, wall paper has the ability to transform a wall and in so doing add a new life and energy to a room. Recognising that it’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add colour, art and design to a wall, Graffiti recently launched its new wall paper range.

With a vast array of designs from which clients can choose; from conservative to bold and daring, quirky patterns to photo realistic images, there will be something for every set up. Alternatively clients can supply their own designs which Graffiti will then produce and install – or Graffiti can custom design artwork. Many currently available wall papers are imported and come with a hefty price tag – one that keeps climbing as the Rand weakens. Being able to print locally and in white, in such a variety of styles, will make Graffiti’s made in South Africa offering far more competitive.

“Wallpaper is the most eloquent embodiment of changing fashions, vivid evidence of an individual’s taste, or company’s personality, and the fundamental framework of any new scheme of decoration and branding. From daring and breathtaking punchy patterns, to cool and controlled yet captivating palettes, the wall paper spectrum is as wide as it is inspiring and we are really excited to see what the students develop,” concludes Wood.

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