Go Pink with Ink

Get a pink ribbon tattoo to remember or support a loved one with breast cancer or simply to pledge your support for the many courageous people who are battling breast cancer.

Satin Candy bra boutique is taking the bows, lace and glamour of luxurious lingerie to a whole new level by joining up with the Jolly Roger Ink Asylum to generate awareness and highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Tattoo artists Rex Rex, Robert de Klerk and Calvin Smorenberg will be setting up shop at Satin Candy in Kloof (72 Old Main Road) and Durban North (41 Adelaide Tambo Drive) on Friday, October 21 from 12 noon until 6pm and Saturday, October 22 from 9am until 1pm.

They’ll be tattooing pink ribbons at a cost of just R300 of which R100 will be donated to the Cancer Association.

Owner of Satin Candy, Sandra Thomas, says that this innovative idea is a tribute to the many people that she deals with through her business.

“The reason we are doing this is simple – we are remembering those who have died and those who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We are also celebrating the survivors because this is all about prevention and making sure that there is a good ending to a difficult journey.”

Rex of Jolly Roger Ink Asylum adds: “We wanted to get involved and help to raise funds for the Cancer Association.  We’re helping deliver a message of support to people who may have experienced breast cancer directly as well as their family and friends as well as those who might have to tackle breast cancer in the future. It affects women and men and all generations.”

Satin Candy has supported breast cancer patients for many years. They stock comfortable and supportive mastectomy bras and their branches are the official distributors of Knitted Knocker Kits.

To book your tattoo slot, please contact Amy at Durban North on 031 5644042 or Leonie at Kloof on 031 7645541 before it’s too late.

For more information, email kloof@satincandy.col.za or dnorth@satincandy.co.za or visit any one of the boutiques.