Girls on the Go campaign: Giving young girls back their dignity

Clicks Helping Hand Trust donates reusable sanitary pads to local school girls

Female learners at Masiphumelele High School in Imhoff’s Gift, Kommetjie, recently received a helping hand from the Clicks Helping Hand Trust and Project Dignity, when they were given free washable, reusable sanitary pads as part of the Girls on the Go campaign.

In South Africa, thousands of young girls have to stay out of school every time they have their menstrual cycle because they cannot afford sanitary pads.  According to UNICEF, one in 10 African girls misses four days of school a month during their menstrual cycle.

Clicks Helping Hand Trust Co-Ordinator Liat Beinart said, “It was totally overwhelming to stand in front of 600 high school girls who were sceptical about us being there. Talking about menstruation and sexual behaviour to a group of teenagers is never easy.”

Each learner received a pack of six washable, reusable pads and two panties produced by Subz Pads, and shown how to use them.  The panty is made from 100% cotton, and the pads made from six layers, the outer being the 100% cotton knit, water proofing, 3 layers of hydrophilic fabric and then the inner is a hydrophobic fabric.

“At first the girls were shocked at the idea of having a washable pad, but once we explained how they work and that, if cared for properly, they can last up to five years, they were so excited to receive their packs. Every girl in the high school, as well as the teachers, received a pack,” said Beinart.

Clicks, through the Helping Hand Trust, seeks to make a difference by donating 1% of profits on all Clicks branded sanitary products to this crucial campaign, which aims to reach out to some 5000 school girls this year alone.