Game development and design as a career

Games like The Mario Brothers and Pac Man were the reason so many fell in love with this hobby. But the industry has grown substantially from being a pastime to people developing an interest to pursue Game Design as a career. The stereotypical gamer is no longer the traditional “geek” but rather an industry professional like Doctors, Pilots and CEOs of large corporations.

A Game Designer is a collective term for artists that develop interactive applications, components and experiences. Writing code, developing storylines and characters, and designing puzzles and quests are some of the game designer’s most important duties. With the explosive growth of the gaming industry in recent years, it has led to a growth of interest in game design as a career option.

The Open Window Institute for Arts and Digital Sciences (OWI) has seen an average of 100 Game Design students across the period of three years and about 25 of those graduate annually with a BA in Film Arts with Game Design as their Major. Additional courses like Interactive Development and 3D Animation go hand in hand with Game Design qualifications (which are all offered at the OWI Centurion Campus).

“We have not even scraped the surface of what is possible with Game Design, both in SA and Internationally. The rapid growth in the field is driven by the falling prices of the technology used to access the medium. With no barriers to entry I can honestly say that I don’t know of any other creative field that offers the same opportunities for professional and personal growth,” said Werner Olivier, Game Design Lecturer at Open Window.

To remain current and competitive, large technology corporations have had to keep up with this trend. Technology aimed specifically at gamers and game designers have become an essential part of remaining competitive in the industry. ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) recently launched their GX700 which is the world’s first liquid cooled gaming laptop.

With its incredible Hydro Overclocking System the GX700 delivers performance that goes far beyond that on other gaming notebooks, giving gamers a truly-mobile platform for extreme gaming. Even when undocked, it is still the world’s fastest single-GPU gaming notebook. GX700 has a thin and lightweight design that makes it ideal for gamers to take to any event where mobility is an advantage, such as LAN parties.

“The GX700 is a game-changer which has opened the door for laptops to have a whole new level of cooling and the potential for the highest possible performance. It is designed to give you a gaming laptop with the overclocking potential to go toe-to-toe with extreme gaming desktops.” Said Werner Joubert, Product Centre Head and Notebook Country Product Manager at ASUS South Africa.

The hydro overclocking system enables gamers to play for longer hours without the worry of overheating. This will not only enhance the gameplay for the gamer but will allow the developer to work on a top of the range laptop that can keep up with their creative and innovative minds. With their focus on designing games without any limits, designers will be able to go above and beyond when creating games.