Fungus Amungus takes collectibles to a whole new level of fun!

Fungus Amungus are the fun guys amongst us. They are super gross, super sticky and provide oodles of fun. For children – boys aged five and over especially – who enjoy collecting, they are the perfect gift. These collectible products play on the fungus theme, so there are seven different strains and over 100 figures to collect.Kids can collect them for the fun of it, swap them with their friends and enjoy playing with them.

The seven different strains are as follows:


The OozeyFunguys love to hide away in all sorts of damp places. Hunting for these guys can be pretty hazardous and if you do spot one, be prepared as you might get wet.

Digital Funguys

These techy tyrants know all the best places to hide. They hide in the digital depths, so watch out next time you turn on your TV, computer or phone, you might just see them scurry across your screen.

Tropical Funguys

Jungles, rainforests, caves and even wild animals; these are the places the Tropical Funguys hide away. They come from all sorts of far flung places and they’re some of the most toxic Funguys around.

Wild Funguys

The Wild Funguys are masters of disguise. Cloaked in all sorts of mouldy, rotten wood and plants, they camouflage themselves extremely well. It’s a good thing they do, because they’re not the quickest characters and prefer to spend their time hiding in muddy, soily holes or rotting tree stumps.

Body Funguys

Body Funguys are perhaps the most troublesome and mischievous of them all. What makes them such pesky pests? They follow humans around like a bad smell, trying to cause as much trouble as possible. And the worst thing is that they’re very difficult to find as they can be hiding right under your nose, literally!

Foodie Funguys

Have you ever looked closely at the back of your fridge or inside last week’s lunch box? These are just the sort of places the festering Foodie Funguys love to hang-out. They are some of the smelliest, rottenest creatures you could find and to be honest, they smell so bad you probably wouldn’t want to find them anyway.

Friendly Funguys

Friendly Funguys try to help out, spreading their good bacteria around the world. The problem is, they’re not the smartest Funguys and can be too friendly.

Fungus Amungus are available at all good toy stores and retailers. Ideal for ages five and up.

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