Fuchs Lubricants South Africa Announces 2016 Sponsorships

Fuchs Lubricants South Africa (FLSA) has concluded the sponsorship of six racing teams for the 2016 season: Team Lance Isaacs Racing; Team Wilford Racing with Terry and Larry Wilford; Team Super Moose/JT Racing with Nic and Darren Pienaar; Team Monroe with Vic Rich; Team AM Racing with Alex Marques and Team MAD Racing with Deon and Dewald Brummer.

Nic Pienaar races in the National Enduro, OR1 and E1 classes, Charan Moore OR1 class and Kyle Flanagan in the National Enduro, E1 and OR3 classes, all for the Team Super Moose/JT Racing. Lance Isaacs, rides a BMW S1000RR in the Super M and Super GP class.

For the Monroe team, 600cc bikes are ridden by Savannah Woodward, Cameron Aitken and Janine Mitchell. Giordano Lupini drives a GTI in Class C.

Alex Marques races in SuperHatch racing series – Extreme festival and Terry and Larry Wilford participate in the V8 Modified series.

Team MAD Racing Dewald Brummer competes in the Formula Ford Duratec SA Endurance Series.

Nic Pienaar, Team Super Moose/JT Racing, sponsored now by Fuchs for a number of years, uses a wide range of Fuchs products. “The Fuchs 15W40 is an outstanding clutch lubricant that gives a longer clutch life. Racing clutches usually need to be replaced every 70 to 80 hours. Using 15W40 we do a clutch replacement about every 150 hours.”

“Oil changes are usually every 4 to 5 hours but with the Fuchs product it is every 7-8 hours. The oil keeps its viscosity and, probably the most important fact, it doesn’t overheat, especially in the recent high temperatures.”

“We also use Fuchs Maintain DOT 5.1 brake fluid. Recently, a rear brake pad was so hot that the brake pad bent around the piston. Other brake fluids fail at these high temperatures, at about 3500C to 4000C. But with the Fuchs brake fluid the brakes worked perfectly even at these high temperatures,” said Pienaar.

“We are pleased to be associated with a group of professionals who are as passionate about their sport as we are about our company and products. The testimonials from them confirm the competitive advantage Fuchs products provide. We look forward to a successful 2016 partnership with all the teams,” said John Anderson, Automotive & OEM Manager, Fuchs Lubricants South Africa.