FNB ATMs act as additional self service touch points for customers

FNB has been successful in diverting transactions to electronic channels such as ATMs and ADTs; this has resulted in increased flexibility for customers to manage uncomplicated transactions via these devices, as opposed to visiting a branch.

This is part of FNB’s innovative approach to banking that sees significant investments in alternative channels that allow customers to perform a variety of transactions, anytime, at any device.

FNB’s electronic ATM and ADT devices have evolved to offer a bouquet of self service options for customers to assist them with a range of new electronic services available from any FNB ATM.

“With a nationwide ATM footprint, and a number of off-site ATM installations completed this past year, an FNB ATM can assist customers with a range of services similar to in-branch banking. New services such as applying for a Funeral Plan, “Please pay me” or applying for loan services are now available to customers through an FNB ATM,” says Lee-Anne van Zyl, CEO of FNB Points of Presence.

Customers can now enjoy the convenience of ensuring financial peace of mind by simply taking out a Funeral Plan at an FNB ATM in a few simple steps or apply for a personal loan at the ATM with a consultant calling the customer back to finalise the loan.

“Please pay me, enables customers to obtain their banking and account details from any FNB ATM and then print or send an SMS to request payment from a third party, without visiting a branch. This combination of convenient services, now available through alternative channels, means customers can choose how they wish to bank with us,” says Van Zyl.