Fastvan expands national driver network

Users to Benefit from International Couriers and Updated App in July 2016

FastVan is pleased to announce an upgrade to their existing customer app, as well as an expansion of their national driver network. FastVan is an exciting labour-saving app, which allows users to gather instant quotes, compare prices and book courier, local delivery and removal services tailored to their needs at the touch of just a few buttons.

In allowing users to specify the exact details of the items that they want to transport – size, shape, weight for couriers, a furniture inventory for removal – and where they wish the goods to be moved from and to, the app lets potential service providers create bespoke quotes.

The app is currently available to download from Google Play and Play Store, for iOS and Android devices. An updated version of the app will be available to download in July, with the desktop version of the app launching later this month. The app has been designed to save users time, money and effort, while helping couriers and removal companies to reach a new customer base.

Until the new version of the app is made available for download, users of the app will see a message notifying them that the new app is coming soon. The courier and delivery service will be blocked for use during this period. Users will be notified when the new app is available for download, and they will be asked to upgrade to have full access to the product.

Nationwide Freight Services

 A few changes have been made since the original app has launched, including changing Removal services to Freight. This is because FastVan is now working with independent truck drivers nationwide to offer users very competitive prices on all their freight needs.

More than 40 additional drivers have been added to FastVan’s driver network, with trucks between one ton and 12 tons available for users. Users can book a truck in real-time, and track their shipment live on a map. Users can also receive an automated invoice and POD via email. The freight service tab within the app has an integrated inventory list attached, allowing users to simply take a picture of the goods they want to transport nationwide. This eliminates the need to complete manual inventory lists.

With the ability to book multiple orders and track all deliveries as they go along, from collection to drop-off, FastVan keeps customers in control, while an in-app rating system allows customers to shape the quality of the service with honest feedback, keeping standards high.

FastVan is currently in the process of integrating with DHL for international courier services through the app. This will allow users to ship goods internationally with just a few clicks. FastVan will also launch in the UK and Chicago USA in August 2016.

Secure Payments

Working with eWallet, the FastVan app ensures all payments are made safely and digitally, with no need for physical money to change hands at the point of collection – this means the customers are protected from undisclosed fees, and the service providers need not carry money around with them.

eWallet also allows customers to add funds directly to their FastVan account for instant payment and imposes no transaction charges, and with instant access available, users can easily stay in control of their finances. For added flexibility, users can also pay via credit and debit card.

For more information about the FastVan app, visit or phone +27 (11) 4500026

For independent truck drivers please contact us on [email protected] or call us on 011 450 0026