Engen’s next-generation cleaning diesel offers economy and performance

Dynamic 1Tailor-made, intelligent Engen Dynamic Diesel helps clean your engine and restores lost power. Engen Petroleum, South Africa’s favourite fuel brand and market leader, is an ally to financially stretched motorists with an intelligent diesel that offers both fuel economy and the restoration of lost power.

Since 2012, Engen Dynamic Diesel (also available in low-sulphur 50ppm) has been giving motorists economy without sacrificing power, says Joe Mahlo, general manager of Engen Sales & Marketing.

“After two years, Engen Dynamic Diesel remains at the forefront of fuels technology with its next-generation detergency, which provides superior performance and driving economy.”

Good, clean power

Engen Dynamic Diesel comes with a multifunctional detergent additive package that delivers excellent clean-up and keep-clean benefits throughout the fuel distribution system, Mahlo explains.

It contains a unique combination of deposit control additive chemistries. These counteract injector deposits, nozzle fouling and restores lost power as soon as Engen Dynamic Diesel is introduced, improving fuel economy and reducing exhaust emissions.

The noticeable feeling of better driveability is at its most dramatic in engines that have already suffered diminished performance, he says. “Within two or three tanks of fuel, Engen Dynamic Diesel begins to restore original design performance.”

Like its predecessor, the new fuel also substantially reduces foaming and protects against corrosion.

Smart petrol too

Along with the diesel enhancement, Engen’s new Primax Unleaded petrol does further justice to the tagline of tailor-made, intelligent fuel with both muscle and economy.

Engen Primax Unleaded is available in 93 and 95 octane. It also comes with a multifunctional detergent additive package with excellent clean-up benefits, as well as a friction modifier and a patented surface active polymer, for added power and savings.

What matters to customers matters to Engen

The new reformulated fuels followed on months of market research by Engen into the South African fuel market, says Mahlo.

“We’ve found that petrol motorists don’t want to choose between performance and economy, and appreciate the importance of clean engines,” he says. “Diesel motorists want economy above all. Both types of motorist want their fuel to keep up with global technology advances.”

Armed with the findings of the research, Engen developed the most advanced additive packs that would satisfy both groups of motorists. “What matters to motorists matters to us,” says Mahlo. “These are tough times, and they’re looking for extra bang for their buck.”

You noticed!

Engen’s brand promise of putting the customer first has been recognised and acknowledged consistently over the last few years.

Engen was recently named South Africa’s leading fuel brand in the Sunday Times Top Brands Awards for the fourth consecutive year. This comes hot on the heels of the company being named the ‘Coolest Petroleum Brand’ for the fourth successive year in the Sunday Times Generation Next youth survey.

Engen has conducted extensive benchmark tests on the new reformulated Dynamic Diesel and the results are available on its website. Visit www.engen.co.za for more details.