Engen introduces new advanced energy formula ‘Engen Primax Unleaded’

Seelan Naidoo

With the introduction of Engen’s new advanced energy formula, Engen Primax Unleaded has answered motorists’ calls for petrol that provides superior performance and fuel economy compared to the company’s previous formulations.

The engineering and technology that helped the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Motorsport team win three consecutive Formula One World Championships is now available at your nearest Engen service station.

So now when motorists fill up with Engen Primax Unleaded, they can drive off with the winning formula for world champions.

Engen Primax Unleaded’s advanced energy formula was developed by PETRONAS and Engen. It provides motorists with technology that cleans the engine, enhances fuel combustion, and improves drivability. All these features contribute towards providing superior performance and fuel economy compared to previous formulations.

“In developing our next generation fuel, we commissioned research into the South African fuels market to ascertain what really matters to our petrol customers,” says Seelan Naidoo, Engen’s General Manager: Retail.

“Formula One is the pinnacle of advanced engineering and innovation as we strive for motoring excellence. Performance and economy are essential for a winning formula and it is through our business association with PETRONAS that we are able to bring learnings from the racetrack to our roads,” adds Naidoo.

As a result, Engen Primax Unleaded has been designed to redefine performance and economy, providing motorists with a cleaner engine and optimised fuel delivery by protecting critical injector and engine parts.

Furthermore, motorists can also experience better combustion as a result of a finer fuel spray which enhances energy release as well as improved drivability. This is because the new chemistry reduces friction at the cylinder wall and refreshes the engine oil lubricating properties.

And the good news doesn’t end with your fuel tank.

PETRONAS is also renowned for developing world-class lubricants. Their flagship PETRONAS Syntium Lubricants range, proven on Formula One racetracks across the globe, is now also exclusively available at and distributed by Engen.

Naidoo adds: “As a member of the PETRONAS group of companies, Engen has direct access to cutting edge research, technology and innovation. Our collaboration with PETRONAS is integral to Engen’s success on the African continent. As a leading producer and manufacturer of a wide range of fuel and lubricant products, we pride ourselves on always delivering quality as demonstrated through our new and improved Engen Primax Unleaded and Syntium ranges.”

For added fun, motorists can join the experience by downloading an exclusive 360 F1 video game on their smartphone or tablet. (http://engenprimaxchallenge.co.za/)