Engen gives away 4 brand-new Polo Vivos

    Wheel of Fortune Winner Gerrie de Bruin with Clara Makara (the owner of Engen Pellissier) and Anché, Gerrie's wife, who bought the winning chocolate

    Congratulations to Gerrie de Bruin, the final lucky winner in Engen’s Wheel of Fortune competition.

    Gerrie drove off with his brand-new Volkswagen on Friday November 2 at a hand over at Engen Pellissier in Bloemfontein.

    Over the month of October, four Engen customers, from around the country, drove away with spanking new 1.4 Polo Vivos.

    Brad Bergh, Engen’s Brands, Communication and Advertising Manager says, “As a brand, it is important for Engen to continue offering exciting and innovative promotions like our Wheel of Fortune promotion, where we can engage and interact with our customers.”