e² Young Engineers partners with Momentum’s wellness and rewards programme Multiply

    CENTURION, SOUTH AFRICA – e² Young Engineers, a company that provides educational enrichment programmes with an engaging, hands-on learning platform for children, today announces that the company has partnered with Multiply, Momentum’s wellness and rewards programme.

    As a Multiply partner, e² Young Engineers will be able to supply clients with 20% discount when they enrol within any of the e² Young Engineers programmes, regardless of their status with Multiply, including:

    • Big Builders: This unique curriculum develops children’s tactile, motor, and spatial skills while teaching introductory engineering principles. For ages: 4-6.
    • LEGO Challenge: Learning the principles of engineering and theoretical physics in an intuitive way by building models while enhancing motor skills. For ages: 7-10.
    • GaliLEGO Technic: Investigation of machinery from a professional perspective of engineers. This curriculum will focus on teamwork and finding solutions to build complex machines. For ages: 11 – 13 or LEGO Challenge graduates.
    • RoboLEGO: introduces children to both the theoretical and the practical sides of mechanical engineering and software development. For ages: 11-14 or GaliLEGO Technic graduates.
    • Robotics & Software Engineering: Curriculum for teaching theory and applications in engineering and software, combining mathematical and physical investigation with software engineering. For ages: 11-14 or RoboLEGO graduates.

    Michiel van der Westhuizen, CEO at e² Young Engineers South Africa, commented, “We are very excited about the partnership with Multiply. It has been proven that children participating in e² Young Engineers programmes achieve high grades within all scientific subjects taught at school. Further, elementary school students joining the e² Young Engineers community obtain the mathematical knowledge required to succeed when it comes to tackling the more complex scientific curriculums taught at middle and high schools. We are excited that we can be a part of the future, by shaping children as young engineers from a very young age.”

    To qualify, clients need to apply directly to their local e2 Young Engineers Franchise and provide a copy of their Multiply card for verification. For more information, please contact Jessi Sunkel at [email protected]