Durban High School’s Current Affairs Society donate much needed water to those in need!

Durban High School’s Current Affairs Society headed by its Chairman and Founder, DHS learner, Keenan Govender, recently donated much needed water to the Gift of the Givers Foundation.

Established at the end of July last year, the DHS Current Affairs Society, look at certain issues that the world, South Africa and DHS are faced with.

“Pertinent issues are discussed amongst the members of the society and together we try to find the most suitable solution; and if possible implement these solutions,” Govender said.

The most current issue that the learner’s recognised was the water crisis affecting the whole of South Africa. With Govender as the driving force, the society managed to collect 2875 litres of water which was dropped off with Gift of the Givers in Pietermaritzburg recently.

With the society coming close to reaching their one year anniversary, they have achieved a number of accomplishments and been involved in a number of activities which include, obtaining sponsors from small businesses to aid them in their water drive, getting involved in setting up the DHS small history museum on a monthly basis as well as Govender leading a small team of DHS learners in the South African Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) where, together, they wrote a research paper on environmental sustainability.

According to Govender, “I started the Current Affairs Society with my Deputy Chairman, Tasvir Bissoon and Liadh Karim, because I wanted to make a difference in the world around us. At Current Affairs we provide a calm environment for the boys to freely give their views on certain issues without feeling judged. All learners at Current Affairs want to make a difference, therefore we have a common goal. And if a society wants to perform a task or activity then it is vital that they execute it properly and at the right time. But above all at Current Affairs we have created a sense of brotherhood and understanding for one another”.

For more information contact 031 277 1500.