Durban High School gets an infrastructure upgrade!

DHS Teachers with New Laptops

Durban High School is proud to announce that they are improving upon their infrastructure and recently took their technology to a higher level with the roll out of their Information Technology (IT) Upgrade by virtue of an investment from Datatec and Sabvest, together with the assistance of the DHS Foundation, and Mr Justin Paul, which could not have come at a better time – when DHS celebrate their 150th milestone.

Formed of three phases, the IT upgrade initially saw the replacement of the schools server, the backbone of their infrastructure. With this, they installed a large UPS to keep the server running when there is load shedding, which dramatically reduces their downtime when the power is restored. In addition, they connected a NAS backup solution located away from their main server to ensure all their information is backed up and protected in the event of a server crash.

The second and third part of the upgrade saw the installation and /or repair of many of the network points in the school, and the laptop deployment to all registered class teachers who previously did not have computers. This now enables register class teachers to be able to submit their registers electronically, thereby keeping better control of this process and providing better and quicker communication between the staff. Teachers are also able to set their own exam papers quickly and efficiently and are able to submit marks using online Front Office software. This part of the rollout and the cabling was undertaken during October 2015, in the lead up to the 150th birthday.

Following the deployment of the laptops and the completion of the networking, there was a replacement of computers as identified by the IT audit which was conducted in 2014, as well as the deployment of laptops or computer upgrades to a number of DHS staff.

The final phase of this upgrade saw the implementation of the iPad “flip” classroom. This exciting project took place in the Media Centre’s “reading room”. This enables teachers to use iPad technology to enhance their lessons by transforming them from normal lessons into interactive and exciting “flip lessons” where learner’s involvement is integral to its success.

This upgrade has been beneficial to learners, teachers and staff members and has allowed for more learner involvement and concentration. Learners are also accustomed to the Digital Age, and thus the introduction of technology within their classrooms has seen a better engagement in lessons.

According to Erica Goring, a History teacher at DHS, “My laptop has been a fantastic addition in my classroom. As a teacher of history it is difficult to imagine conditions of the past and by using my laptop I can use the internet to find resources, including videos, pictures and extra information to improve the teaching and learning experience. The laptop also allows me to easily access my emails and keep in contact with what is going on in the school”.

Kirsten Smith, a Dramatics teacher at the school also finds that since she received her laptop, she has had managed to make her lessons more interesting for her learners. “I find it easy to create interactive and interesting lessons at my fingertips,” she said.

DHS thanks Datatec and Sabvest for this generous donation and look forward to a successful academic future.

For more information contact 031 277 1500.