Debonairs Pizza’s ‘Lamba Busters’ Campaign Now In Full Swing

    With the launch of the third radio spot in a series created to draw South Africa’s attention to its latest ‘Real Deal for a Steal’ special offers, Debonairs Pizza’s ‘Lamba Buster’ campaign is in full swing.

    Featuring La Bamba, the energetic dancing tune made famous in 1958 by Mexican-American musician Ritchie Valens, the campaign ‘sings’ with a true South Africa voice  as each of the three ads in the series features snatches of vernacular lyrics.

    This is particularly true of the third spot, which broke this week (July 12). It bemoans the ‘boring skaftini’ (packed lunch) with ‘extra pap no chatini’ (gravy), no ‘big piece of nyama’ (meat) just an ‘e-nyana’ (tiny one).

    Devised by FCB Creative Director Greg Cameron, Art Director Mpumi Ngwenya and

    Copywriter Mbeu Kambuwa, and recorded in Bryanston at Rob Roy Music, each ad is just 30-seconds long.

    They do, however, go a long way to putting a tap in the listener’s toe while reminding them that the solution to that feeling of ‘your stomach has taken a bite of your kidney’ is a Lamba Buster (Hunger Buster).

    You can view both the 2nd and 3rd ads in the series here:

    The country’s leading quick service restaurant in the pizza sector for some 25 years, Debonairs Pizza recently underscored its ability to communicate with South Africans in a way that wins their hearts and minds when it took the top spot on Kantar Millward Brown’s Most-Liked television commercials list for the third quarter of 2016 with ‘Crammed Crust – Gogo’.

    Most recently, its unique ability to satisfy South Africa’s need for service was acknowledged by its Number 1 Ranking in the latest South African Customer Satisfaction Index.

    According to Consulta, the research firm responsible for compiling the survey, top five overall brands in the country when it comes to customer satisfaction are dominated by fast food chains with Debonairs Pizza leading the pack.