Cybersecurity: Protect yourself in an advanced cybertech era

Motorists in Gauteng may be a little curious or even running scared after the launch of SABRIC’s #Skelm campaign on billboards across the province. The campaign advises consumers to Wise Up and Watch Out in an attempt to get them thinking outside their comfort zones.

Cybertechnology has unlocked digital borders globally, making vast amounts of data accessibly through a wide range of devices. “There have been questions and concerns about the safety of personal information with the risk of becoming a victim being likely for anyone, the responsibility of protecting yourself against cybercrime and increasing your cybersecurity lies with every single one of us,” said Kalyani Pillay, CEO of The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC).

With billions of rands lost to cybercrime each year, there is only so much the security measures implemented by your bank can do. Cybercrime thrives on sophistication and the weakest security link, often is the consumers themselves.  As one example people use the same email address for their business and personal communications.! A secondary email used only for banking is highly recommended.

Easy tips to remember include making sure your PC and mobile phone are updated with the latest IOS updates and anti-virus software. Another good security hack is to create a new password directly after you’ve updated your software and use your secondary email address as an alternative option.

Public computers are not considered safe for banking; they are prone to spyware and malware and should be avoided at all costs. Another quick and easy tip is to delete sensitive information like bank statements from your inbox immediately, rather save them to a secure folder.

“SABRIC’s core focus this quarter is to educate the consumer around cybersecurity measures and we have recently implemented our #Skelm campaign to communicate valuable tips and information to all South Africans,” concludes Pillay.

For more tips on cybersecurity please visit, follow @Sabric and watch out for #Skelm. He is everywhere…