Col’Cacchio Holdings launches First Base

In December 2015, Col’Cacchio Holdings, the holding company of Col’Cacchio pizzeria, will be launching a new brand – First Base. This “fast casual” restaurant will be located in the Paddocks Shopping Centre in Milnerton, Cape Town, and will give customers the opportunity to craft their very own tailor-made pizzas and salads, using the freshest and finest ingredients on offer.

Co-founded by Directors Michael Terespolsky, Kinga Baranowska and Greg Mommsen, the first Col’Cacchio pizzeria opened its doors in 1992 serving Italian-inspired food with an innovative flair. Renowned for their diverse menu of gourmet pizzas, freshly prepared salads and pastas, and a full service sit-down dining experience, Col’Cacchio pizzeria is now a nationwide chain with over 32 stores.

Between quick service restaurants (fast food) and full service restaurants lies the rapidly growing “fast casual” restaurant sector. First Base will offer a casual dining experience at a fast food pace, while providing customers with made to order, freshly-prepared, high-quality food, traditionally absent from quick service restaurants.

At the very centre of the “fast casual” restaurant culture is the fact that customers order what they want rather than what the restaurant dictates. By building your own pizza or salad you get exactly what you want and only pay for what you decide. Pizzas and salads will be priced according to the amount of toppings you choose regardless of what they are, with the exception of a few premium toppings that will be costed separately. First Base will also have five signature pizzas and three signature salads for those customers who prefer to order off a menu or who don’t trust their own inventions. To end off the experience, customers can enjoy a soft serve ice-cream with a selection of unique homemade toppings to choose from.

The second major influence that brought about the “fast casual” trend or what is now becoming known as the “fine-casual” trend is that customers order and pay upfront, without having the need for waitrons. This streamlined, cost-effective approach gives customers the freedom to leave as soon as they have finished their meal, as they do not have to wait around for the waiter to bring them the bill, thus saving them time and money.

With the emergence of this new “fast casual” restaurant trend that is starting to hit South African shores, the First Base concept appeals to the modern day customer who wishes to eat in, or enjoy a meal on the go in a trendy environment, while still reaping the benefits of healthy, quality ingredients.

 “Customers are on the move and need to have fast options that can be eaten on lunch break or picked up on the way home. Customers are becoming more aware about what they are eating and fast casual restaurants provide quality and healthier options at a fair price. The authenticity of our food, plus speedy service and sexy stores will be key to our success at First Base.” Said Michael Terespolsky, Managing Director of Col’Cacchio Holdings.

As always, it’s about providing the customer with a high-quality dining experience using the freshest ingredients to create the most delicious tastes.

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