Christian Heath embarks on a solo career

Christian Heath is no stranger to the South African music scene, although many are still wondering where he’s been hiding the last few years. Best known for his role as lead singer of the Christian Heath Band, the East London born and bred singer songwriting is embarking on a fully fledged solo career and his new offering is nothing less than awe-inspiring.

Using his standard rock base, Christian has introduced a more modern pop sound, paying more attention to the vocal and lyrical content and allowing audiences to better connect with his songs. It’s reminiscent of many of his early influences, Def Leppard, Journey, 30 Second to Mars, Richard Marx and Michael Bolton and his first single as a solo artist, I’m Yours, follows this formula. It pulls at the heartstrings.
While he worked with Mark Beling in the past, this time around Christian has enlisted the help of folk indie artist and producer Howie Combrink. The two make a dynamic team and in this case, the music speaks for itself.
He says: “Howie is very relaxed and a great muso/producer. The dude has some serious skills in the studio and gets into a song pretty quickly which is great in my opinion. I’m lucky that every producer I have had the privilege of working with has liked what I have had to offer and working with them has been a great learning experience.”
I’m Yours is about long distance relationships. It speaks about the distance between two lovers and their determination to stay true to each other. It’s the raging war inside and the hope that one day you can be together again.
Christian wrote the song when he initially moved to Johannesburg back in his single days, with nothing more than a guitar, and left the place he loved most.
Inspired by experiences, love, trust and life, it’s not hard to find meaning in his songs. A family man, everything Christian Heath does is for the well being of his family and together they make an unbreakable force.
A fan of both the live stage where he can connect with people and studio where the creativity happens, Christian aims to reach people as many people as possible through his music and hopefully see the world.
He says: “I’m Yours is catchy and has a feel good vibe to it. Its starts off slow but builds to a power chorus.”
Quick fire:
Favourite place to gig? Port Elizabeth.
Most humble artist you’ve worked with? Howie Combrink and Mark Beling.
Favourite song lyrics? “Even if I can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you” – Rachel Platten.
Life motto? “The only person holding you back is yourself”.
What drives you? My family
Hobbies? Fishing, Bow hunting,Scuba diving, training at the gym.
If you could play any stage in the world, what would it be? Wembley!!