Change of scenery in the Hip Hop industry: as a new Hip Hop legend surfaces…

Hip Hop which is the most trending musical genre in South Africa and with most upcoming musical artists focusing on being the next ‘Hip Hop legends’ , has been the battled field for youngsters for Competition , fame , and awards. Thus, each the issue of style, form, and content have come to be of essence. Each artist tries to bring forth a different package, that’s the summit were creativity meets talent. They say competition breeds innovation and creativity who are we to argue since  Hip Hop artists scoop awards at every festival and all passing awards, even to the prominent BET awards our South African artists do share stage with the world’s Hip Hop legends and scoop awards as well.

Another upcoming Hip Hop legend has risen in Midrand, Gauteng Province. Moeketsi Maesela A.K.A “CLUMSY”. His musical journey started at High School when he loved to make beats and write songs at ‘Kings School Limbro Park’. He drew his inspiration for HIP HOP music from   listening to Travis Scott, Tory Lanes, K.O and Jay Z. CLUMSY is a mature artist who believes that every man is a hero of his own story. Thus, through his music he tries to convey a story of his life, the everyday challenges that are faced by the youths. In his recent  hit single ‘nkinga’ , he unleashes his rapping prowess and very soon everyone in the streets will be humming ‘keng bothata ba o’.Its a track that sets you in motion and already trending on social media. Recently dropped his EP entitled “NKINGA” trending on YouTube produced and directed  by 3 Owls productions together with  his record label Red Music Entertainment.

He has collaborated with Costa Titch and Phantom_Steeze on a trendy hit single “Dablikeme” which created a buzz on social media. CLUMSY says he doesn’t want to be mistaken as an American rapper that’s why in most of his songs he tries to fuse his native language and English, because he is 100% South African and also an International artist as well. He told his record label Red Music Entertainment that he has come to change the scenery in the Hip Hop industry; it’s only a matter of time.

His philosophy as an artist and why he chose Hip Hop whereas there are a number of genres is the fact that everyone is following Hip Hop, every radio station, television channels even Soap Operas now have HIP Hop artists as part of their cast to boost their viewership. This is because HIP Hop is the in thing, so for him with a message to broadcast he chose the mostly preferred medium Hip Hop.

CLUMSY is his stage name emanating from  the way he makes his music , his musical concepts and ideas just flow randomly such that he called himself  a ‘clumsy’ artist, he can have a  chorus of a song before coming up with the concept. Life inspires him to produce songs; he denotes that if something happens I just find myself humming a chorus that will eventually lead to a song.

The South African music industry need such youths with the drive, energy, vision to be given a chance to take the industry to another level to tell the African stories to show the world of the talent that Africa has to have Africans playing Americans. CLUMSY is one of the artists that are bold and really want to produce music for the people and be a METRO, SAMA, BET awards winning artists.

He’s going to drop an album called “UNEXPECTED” in the upcoming months…

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