Cash Crusaders creates brand affinity through TRANSIT.TV™

    To create brand affinity in the commuter market, Cash Crusaders is flighting a commercial on the wide-reaching TRANSIT.TV™. The digital channel flights in taxis, in bus stations, in taxi ranks and in train stations throughout South Africa and has proven to be a vital marketing element to reach the mid LSM market.

    “The Cash Crusaders campaign is the perfect example of purpose driven marketing where brand, messaging and context are a seamless fit. The brand has taken the Zilahlile package which presents as an on-screen broadsheet. TRANSIT.TV™ flights to a widespread audience when they are in a captive environment, be it in a train station or a taxi, and when they are open to advertising messaging,” explains Hugh Wilson, GM Sales: Transit Ads™.

    TRANSIT.TV™ is the largest digital placed-based network in South Africa. It adds value to millions of commuters every day by keeping them informed and entertained during their daily commute. For advertisers, TRANSIT.TV™ has successfully brought numerous brands to the attention of millions of consumers. The channel offers advertisers massive reach, excellent frequency, geographical targeting as well as a captive audience that regularly experiences long dwell times.

    For more information on how to effectively reach 13 million consumers, contact Hugh Wilson on 0861 776 826 or email [email protected] or go to