Canal Walk celebrates local talent

Cape Town – The super-regional shopping centre steps away from the traditional norms of marketing and shakes things up with an innovative initiative to speak to its shoppers.

Entitled My Story My Style is the brand new vision for Canal Walk Shopping Centre. The idea behind the campaign is to feature a selection of South African heroes, each with their own unique style and story. They are all completely different and have become successful in their own right, while staying completely true to who they are.

“In line with the trends towards your unique self and trying not to fit into societal moulds on how we should think, look and act; we think it’s time for Canal Walk to have a campaign that supports our individuality”, says Camilla Lor, Regional Marketing Executive.

The seven brand heroes are Visionary Fashion and Beauty Blogger – Aqeelah Harron Ally, Ocean Pioneer, Inspirational Speaker and Author – Chris Bertish, Artist in Learning – Tony Gum, SA Soul Man – Chad Saaiman, Adventure Seeker and TV Presenter – Jade Hubner, Model Mom and Entrepreneur – Candice Boucher and King of Cool – Jimmy Nevis.

Lor says: “Feel good brands now want to offer the idea that it is okay to be you. We can all still feel fashionable and fabulous while remaining completely true to who we are. Each and every one of us have a unique style and a story that makes us special and that is exactly where the Canal Walk brand campaign starts.”

My Story My Style is an emotive journey in which the centre would like to take its customers on. It will be an in-depth look into getting to know all these brand heroes and understanding their stories behind their individual style. It is aimed at encouraging the public to be bold in their authenticity.

Make sure to get to Canal Walk to see all these inspirational touchpoints. To stay updated with Canal Walk Shopping Centre’s latest campaigns and events, visit, or follow @canal_walk on Twitter and Instagram @canalwalk. For further information email [email protected] or contact +2721 529 9620.