Beados – great Craft Toys for Girls

For girls who take pleasure in making crafts, be it stringing together beads to make a necklace or creating something out of recycled bottle tops, Beados has a range of craft sets that will bring hours of enjoyment.

Craft play is perfect for school holidays and for rainy days when the weather outside calls for indoor play. It is a wonderful pastime that can be enjoyed by both children and adults and it hones skills such as design, colour co-ordination as well as fine-motor control.

Create fun designs with Beads

With Beados, children can create fun designs from beads that join together with a spray of water, opening up a whole new world of craft fun. Creating something beautiful is as simple as choosing a template and making up a design. Spray it with water and wow – you’ve created something unique.

Beados offers a range of packs, from a starter pack to more intricate packs for hours of craft play.

Beados Starter Pack

The starter pack includes everything a child needs to get started. It includes a pod pen to help select beads and swap colours, 400 Beados, a water bottle, design template as well as special accessories. Ideal for ages 4 and over.

Beados Activity Pack Family Mansion

With 600 beads, this activity pack is themed around family mansion. It includes everything a child needs to make up her design. Ideal for ages four and over.

Beados Activity Pack Princess Castle

This activity pack includes everything required to make a Beados Princess Castle. Children can even add it to the Family Mansion for even more craft fun. The Beados Princess Castle activity pack includes scene cards, over 600 Beados, water bottle, design templates, special accessories and much more! Ideal for kids aged four and over.

Beados are available at all good retailers and toy stores nationwide.

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