ASUS Becomes First Top-Tier PC Brand to Offer SSD Options Across Entire Laptop Range

Johannesburg, South Africa — ASUS has announced that high-capacity solid-state-disk (SSD) options that will be available across its entire laptop range[1] — from the mainstream VivoBook series to the exquisite ZenBook series — making ASUS the first of the world’s top-tier PC manufacturers[2] to do so.
SSDs boost performance in several different areas. Using instant-access, high-speed non-volatile memory to store data — rather than the magnetic platters of a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) — SSDs boost performance with speeds up to five times faster than a HDD. In internal tests using the Futuremark® PCMark® benchmark, laptops equipped with an Intel® Core™ i3 processor and an SSD performed up to 1.7 times faster than those equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor and a HDD.

Power efficiency is another area where SSDs outperform HDDs, as they do not have a power-sapping motor, moving magnetic heads or spinning platters. This equates to up to 37% longer battery life3.

Reliability and physical data protection is upgraded too. Data is stored electronically in an SSD meaning it is less susceptible to damage from physical shocks — for example when a laptop is knocked or dropped — giving better reliability. And with SSDs containing no moving parts, they operate in complete silence.

ASUS customers will be able to enjoy these improvements faster too, as ASUS laptops equipped with an SSD can boot up to 30% faster than a conventional laptop held back by a HDD.

In the past SSD options were only available for higher-end laptop series. With this announcement, SSD options are now available for many more ASUS customers, no matter what model they choose. “The world is shifting to electronic storage, and as more people become familiar with its strengths of far superior operation speeds, battery life and physical data protection compared to traditional hard disk drives, more

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