Amber Fieldgate to grace the international stage

Talent seems to be the biggest indicator of success in most fields, but talent alone is not enough. Take Amber Fieldgate for example, the aspiring South African singer has it all – the looks, character and a voice to match – but without hard work and the right opportunities, talent is easily squandered.

Amber learnt this lesson at a very young age, not only taking the time to perfect her talent, but actively chasing her dreams. Using South Africa as a training ground to develop her skills, she’s held a lifelong dream of becoming an internationally acclaimed singer, and will be taking her first step towards realising this dream in June.

Scouted by international talent scout, Kim Myers, the rising star has been selected to represent South Africa at the Applause Rising Talent Showcase (ARTS) in Orlando, Florida. Here, she will get to rub shoulders with top industry experts and scouts from all around the world.

She says, “The ARTS is a huge challenge for me but something I have looked forward to my entire life. I feel like it is just the beginning and an excellent learning experience as it allows me to test myself and see just what I’m made of. I hope to gain experience and confidence through this adventure.”