Alliance Media invest further into Africa

5,000 trees have been sponsored and will be planted in various African countries

Johannesburg, South Africa: Alliance Media has proudly made a significant donation to Trees for the Future which will see 5,000 indigenous trees being planted across various African countries.

This investment forms part of the company’s 20 year anniversary as an outdoor media owner in Africa. Alliance Media’s roots have always been in African soil and they see their 20 year celebration as an opportunity to give back to the continent.

Over the past two decades, Alliance Media has become a well-entrenched OOH player and the pan-African leader for outdoor and airport advertising. With 25,000 sites and a presence in 50 airports – Alliance Media is an expert in the outdoor industry in Africa.

The company has an entrepreneurial spirit and is focused on growth. “Growing trees is a new addition to growing brands, and it fits so naturally to our focus on being invested and committed to this continent” says Greg Benatar, the Sales and Marketing Director at Alliance Media.

Operating in 23 countries, with 20 years experience, Alliance Media has been awarded the European Union Award for innovative media and the prestigious ‘Best Outdoor Advertising Company’ award in multiple markets for the past nine consecutive years.

For more information about how Alliance Media grows brands in Africa or to advertise in any of the countries in which Alliance Media operates, contact the Africa desk at [email protected] or on +27 11 880 4664.