A royal flush for the King’s fourth birthday

With King Price Insurance’s fourth birthday on 02 June 2016, it is dealt its trump card.

With a jack, queen, king, ace, and ten of hearts; the King Price family holds a hand of the highest possible value, and it’s only the turn of June.

JACK (is growing up)

On 02 June 2016, King Price is celebrating its fourth birthday. The insurance newcomer is growing-up fast and expanding even faster; using its young, courageous  spirit to continue on its path of turning the industry on its’ head by doing things differently.

“We’ve grown our book to over 100 000 clients, at a growth rate of 60% month on month,” says Gideon Galloway, King Price Insurance CEO and founder. “This tells me that there is a desperate need for an organisation that exceeds expectations.”

THE QUEEN (has been found)

This July, South Africa’s fastest growing short term insurer is taking its one-of-a-kind insurance outside of South African borders for the first time and is ready to steal the heart of our neighbour; making Namibia part of its royal family.

“We believe that the King Price modus operandi will captures the imaginations of Namibians, as it has locally, and help us shake up the industry,” Galloway explained. “We’re fun, we’re cheap, we treat our clients like royalty, with a current payout of over R1 million worth of claims a month – who wouldn’t want a piece of that?”

THE KING (broadens its reign)

King Price is growing its kingdom of insurance product offerings, with the addition of King Price Business from July 2016.

This will come with new innovation to more effectively cater to the specific needs of businesses.

“Innovation and versatility are the name of the game,” says Galloway. “It is the next step in our plan for world domination – otherwise known as a great insurance offering.”

ACE [the employ(happ)ee test]

When King Price opened its doors on 2 June 2012, it did so with 43 staff members and today, four years later, King Price has grown to more than 700 talented, highly skilled and adventurous individuals who take what they do very seriously, but themselves… not so much.

Its skilfully crafted unique corporate culture is putting the insurer on the fast-track to becoming the culture champs of the financial services industry in this country and abroad.

From the first day, the co-founders of King Price set out to establish a fun, maverick, brave and above all engaged culture, where every day each and every employee looks forward to going to work and making a difference. A place that will allow you to further yourself while having fun.

King Price’s crazy-cool royal family culture from the bright coloured walls to pool tables, arcade games and cash cubes, the coolest designed furnishing and even a whole man cave, is all about a fun environment where work isn’t a chore, but a home away from home; after all happy staff = happy clients.

R 10 (insurance)

King Price might be best known for its whimsical tone, decreasing monthly premiums, and outstanding corporate culture, but it’s an organisation that keeps on innovating – constantly spreading delightful confusion.

“Insurance has been seen as a grudge purchase for too long,” Galloway explains. “Because your car isn’t the only thing in your life that needs insurance we’re making price king and taking the resentment out of safeguarding your prized possessions.”

Should you decide to insure your four-wheeled wonder under the king’s comprehensive cover, King Price can help make sure that your favourite possessions get the same care for just R1 a month.

King Price will insure your Apple watch, Nikon camera, golf clubs, bike or even your hearing aid for just R1 a month.

“We are royally delighted with the strides we’ve made this year,” says Galloway. “And look forward to winning over many more happy clients in the year ahead.”